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SS - Swing Speed<95mph
SS - Swing Speed<95mph

SS - Swing Speed<95mph

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******We are sold out of our packaging tubes so offering a discount to receive the balls without packaging just in the shipping box until our inventory is restocked. 

This ball can be described simply as "Super Soft and Super Charged"  This low compression golf ball is extremely long and incredibly soft.

This Hi-Tech Dual Layer ball consists of an Extra Thin Urethane Cover and Big Core that combined provide:

  • Consists of 2 tubes/1dz balls
  • Ultra Soft Feeling
  • Amazing Distance
  • Ultimate Straight Ball Flight
  • Wind Resistance
  • Advanced Greenside Control
  • 332 dimples
  • Patent Pending tube packaging for easy accessibility
  • Conforms with the Rules of Golf/legal for play